Cardinal pays tribute to Duke of Norfolk at funeral Mass

 On Friday Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster, preached at the funeral Mass of Miles, Duke of Norfolk, who died on Thursday last week. The funeral took place at the Cathedral Church of Our Lady and St Philip Howard, Arundel. In his sermon the Cardinal spoke of the late Duke as "first and foremost a family man" having "lived the fullest of lives". About the late Duke's public life he made mention of "the numerous titles to which he was heir" sitting "lightly on his shoulders... conscious that heritage bestowed not only rights, but also real responsibilities", responsibilities which he shouldered "with realism, with humility and with immense dedication - but also with a sense of humour". He was also known, to "set an example which others might follow". As a man of faith, the Cardinal spoke of Miles Norfolk, often referred to as the 'leading Catholic layman', as "a Catholic of the deepest conviction and true devotion" whose faith was "the very foundation of his life". "Miles Norfolk was the touchstone, the point of reference for Catholic peers and, indeed, for fellow Christians", continued the Cardinal, "as they deliberated, debated and voted on difficult moral and social issues in the second chamber. I think Miles realised the influence he could have in the House and elsewhere. I also think he used that influence wisely and with humility."

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