Bishop John Jukes celebrates 50 years of priesthood

 Celebrations for the Golden Jubilee of Bishop John Jukes took place at Aylesford Priory in Kent, on Friday. Present at the celebration were the Most Reverend Archbishop Michael Bowen, Rt Rev Bishop Charles Henderson, Rt Rev Bishop Howard Tripp, Rt Rev Bishop John Hine, Most Rev Couve de Murville, Most Rev Archbishop Peter Smith, Rev Mgr Richard Moth, Deacon Bob Beresford along with over 70 priests, 20 deacons and many personal guests including Cllr Stephen Cressweel, Mayor of Tonbridge and Malling, Christopher Capon, chairman of Kent County Council, Julian Brazier MP, Mrs Terri Coombs, Lord and Lady Monckton, Dorothy Gulliver, Rev Mgr Murtagh, Rev Mother Mary Garson, Theresa Byren, Mrs Rizzi and Dr Malcolm Pitt. The Archbishop thanked Bishop John for all his support over the years and presented him with a gift of a new Roman Missal. The Rt Rev John Jukes OFM Conv, was born in Eltham on 7 August 1923. He still has many relatives in Kent and strong Kent roots. After studying at London, University he joined the Franciscans. He was ordained on 19 July 1952 and engaged in pastoral work in North Wales, Manchester and London. A leading Canon lawyer, he helped found the Franciscan Study Centre in Canterbury. Bishop John was an auxiliary bishop in the Southwark diocese with responsibility for Kent from 1980 to 2000. At present he is living in Aberdeenshire and caring for the parish of Huntley. source: The Friars. For more information about the Friars and future events taking place there, visit:

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