Further tributes to Bishop Alan Clark

 Bishop Clark who died on 16 July, (see also: ICN 17 July 2002 Bishop Alan Clark dies ) was also notable as the man who translated Humane Vitae into English. In an interview with British Catholic weekly The Universe on 8 May 1994, he described the encyclical in these terms: "I think Pope Paul VI was one of the Church's greatest prophets. He realised in this very difficult area, where people suffer and can find no easy solutions, we must cling to this document which contains many things over and above the question of contraception, all of which will come into play more and more as people find that the other way leads to despair and unhappiness." The bishop, who was due to retire, also revealed the story of his call to the priesthood. A child of two convert parents, his mother prayed for the intercession of English martyr St John Southworth, whose remains are in a glass case in Westminster Cathedral, when Alan contacted polio aged 12. He recovered and went to Lourdes in thanksgiving with his brother Paul who also became a priest. They met Archbishop Peter Amigo of Southwark who said to the future bishop's brother: "I've got you" and looking Bishop Clark said: "And I want you." The bishop noted for his spirituality also said: "Without my Daily Mass I'm nothing." And he confided: "I'm now on the death track. There is a time when God lets us jump tracks. It seems strange we don't want to go to God but I think it needs a grace to see that."

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