"Yet another IVF scandal"

 British pro-life charity LIFE, have reacted strongly to a story in the Mail on Sunday of an estranged couple disagreeing about destroying their frozen embryos. The bitter row between Wayne and Lorraine Hadley is the second such story recently in the UK. During IVF treatment seven embryos were created for the Hadleys, of which two died, three were unsuccessfully used to achieve pregnancy, and two frozen for storage. The Hadleys divorced and Wayne now has a new partner and a naturally conceived baby. Lorraine wants to use the frozen embryos for another attempt at pregnancy. He wants them to be destroyed. The law is on his side because both parents of IVF children must consent to their further use or destruction. Nuala Scarisbrick, Trustee of LIFE, said: "The creation of human life by IVF is a lucrative industry where children have no rights and are created as commodities for adults to buy and sell, or to destroy when no longer wanted. "Given the failure rate of so many adult relationships, this kind of case will happen again and again, causing heartbreak and destruction of human life. "The recent news about IVF clinics using the 'wrong' sperm to fertilise eggs showed up an industry that exploits the natural wish of parents to have children. Not enough questions are asked about the damage IVF treatment does to women's bodies or the toll on adult relationships. Nor is the most fundamental question asked: is it right artificially to create thousands of human beings, most of which will die or be destroyed?." She recommended that childless couples turn to natural fertility programmes, rather than "fall into the clutches of the IVF industry."

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