New Catholic resource for parents

 An easy-to-use, reasonably-priced booklet for Catholic families to use during National Parents Week (October 21-27), has just been launched by the Bethany Family Institute, in Wolverhampton. Seeing God in Love With Your Family aims to help families see how important they are for their children's image of God, for the development of their children's relationship with God, and how God is present in their family life. Elizabeth Davies from Bethany, said: "The theme for this year's Parents Week is Images of Families. It is a great opportunity to re-examine how the way in which we conduct our family life influences our image of God as well as ways in which the image we have of God influences our family life. "We put together this very brief booklet to help parents and grandparents reflect on the holiness of their ordinary family life. We are working hard to persuade parishes and schools to distribute copies as part of their mission to support families, who are already the first teachers and evangelisers of their children. "Archbishop Vincent Nichols commented: "I appreciate very much the work that has gone into the leaflet. I happily give it my full support. I hope it is well used by the families in the Archdiocese of Birmingham. I am sure they will gain a great deal in their awareness and love of God by reflecting on the themes and the material presented in the leaflet." Seeing God in Love With Your Family, priced at 20p per copy, is available from the Bethany Family Institute, PO Box 2858, Wolverhampton WV3 0XL. Email: Discounted bulk delivery prices on request. Bethany Family Institute, a millennium project, supports Catholic family life by creating quality resources to support and promote the mission of the family, connecting workers in marriage and family life ministry, identifying and describing the spiritual experiences and needs of Catholic families and by the provision of educational opportunities for leadership in family ministry. For more information visit:

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