Pax Christi takes second anti-war petition to Downing Street

 Pax Christi will be taking a second batch of signatures against war with Iraq, to Downing Street tomorrow afternoon. The threatened conflict proved to be a major focus for the annual Greenbelt Festival at Cheltenham last week. Speakers, including Archbishop Rowen Williams and American peace and justice activist, Jim Wallis, appealed to those present to make their voice heard in opposing war with Iraq. Members of the Network of Christian Peace Organisations (NCPO) an umbrella group which includes Christian CND, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Anglican Pacifists, Baptist Peace Fellowship and Pax Christi, made the Pax Christi Declaration available in the Peace Zone at the Festival. They were inundated with participants wanting to sign - in all 2,553 signatures were collected. These will be presented to Tony Blair at Number Ten tomorrow at 2.00pm. As well as the signatures, the delegation will be bringing a Peace Dragon. This carries peace prayers from participants at Greenbelt. The first 2,600 signatures on the Declaration were presented to Mr Blair on 6 August. Pax Christi is now inviting individuals, parishes and communities around the country to sign up to the Declaration. The delegation tomorrow will include: Norman Kember, Baptist Peace Fellowship: Carol Crompton, FOR England; Tony Kempster, Anglican Pacifist Fellowship; Barbara Sunderland, CCND and Pax Christi; Eric Benner, CCND and Denis Beaumont, FOR England and Methodist Peace Fellowship. If you would like to sign the petition - send an e-mail to ICN.

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