Faith in Action at Labour Party Conference

 Faith communities from throughout Lancashire will exhibit their work to MPs and senior Labour Party figures next weekend at Labour's Party Conference. Local Blackpool MPs Gordon Marsden and Joan Humble have invited all Labour MPs to attend, saying: "this small exhibition has a symbolism far beyond our own town and county". The 'Faith in Action' exhibition follows Labour's Conference Service at St John's Parish Church on Sunday 29 September. It brings together ten faith-based social projects from four major faith traditions, engaged in issues from homelessness to elderly care, interfaith dialogue to youth work. Despite the shadows cast by 11 September - in particular the suspicion towards many faith communities - it demonstrates that one year on, there is much to symbolise the ongoing good being done by faith communities, and not least on how religious faith can be a cause for positive community action. The projects include Building Bridges (on interfaith dialogue); the Gujarat Hindu Society (community centre); Jewish Care (elderly care); Connecting Communities (ethnic minority community engagement); Youth European Muslim Newsletter (IT skills); Streetlife (homelessness); the Blackburn Churches Furniture Store (social welfare). The exhibition is co-hosted by the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ), the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) and the Christian Socialist Movement (CSM). CSM Director, Graham Dale, said: "This is a great opportunity to counter the accusations that religious differences are the cause for conflict and division in society. I hope these projects will be acknowledged by politicians and others as striking symbols of hope in this post 9/11 society." source: Diocese of Lancaster

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