Appeal from Pax Christi

 Pat Gaffney, General Secretary of Pax Christi has sent this letter: Dear Friends As a signatory of the Pax Christi Declaration on Iraq we have been especially busy over the past few months. All of this work has taken extra time and resources. We are only a two--person organisation and rely on membership subscriptions and donations to fund our work. If you are not already a member of Pax Christi might you consider joining? Some of you live in countries were there are existing Pax Christi sections: United States, Australia and New Zealand. You could make contact with them (addresses below). Alternatively, you might consider making a small donation to our work to help with the additional costs which this Iraq-based work has generated. Most recently this includes * Sending Stuart Hemsley our Chairperson and Fr Owen Hardwicke on a solidarity/support visit to the United States where they spoke at meetings in New York, Holy Cross Priory in Connecticut, Yale University and at an American Friends Service meeting in Boston. * Supporting a Legal Enquiry into War with Iraq - on Friday 11 October and we await the judgement which will be made available via the website. * Producing a Prayer for Peace in Iraq and the Middle East card with two other Catholic organisations, CAFOD and the National Justice and Peace Network - to support parishes/schools/groups in making Friday a day of prayer for peace. * Organising a Seminar 'The War on Terrorism - Iraq and Beyond' with De Scilla Elmworthy of the Oxford Research Group, Rt Rev Walter Sullivan, Bishop President of Pax Christi USA and Julian Filochowski, Director of CAFOD, on 30 November at St Vincent's Centre, Carlisle Place, London. If you would like to attend please contact the office for tickets. Many thanks for your support. For more information visit: Pax Christi UK: e-mail: Pax Christi Australia e-mail: Pax Christi International e-mail:

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