Ancient church threatened by airport plans

 A church which dates back to 600 AD may be demolished, if expansion plans at at East Midlands Airport are approved. The Saxon church in the village of Breefon-on-the-Hill in South Derbyshire stands near a new planned runway and would pose a hazard to landing planes. Parishioners have pledged to fight the plans "tooth and nail". Their concerns were raised yesterday at a meeting in which the public were asked to give their views on the plan. Maurice Harvey, a church member, told Radio Derby: "It is criminal to think of demolishing the church. "Once this becomes known locally residents will be horrified, they will fight it tooth and nail, there is not question of it." The Department for Transport said the plans were just at the consultation stage at present and comments from the public, conservation groups and other interested parties would be considered before a final decision is made.

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