Black twins born to white couple in new IVF bungle

 Pro-life campaign LIFE, said today it is "shocked but not surprised" at the latest IVF scandal where black twins have been born to a white couple. LIFE Trustee, Nuala Scarisbrick, said: "Stories of IVF created babies born to the 'wrong' parents have made headlines for years. The latest failure by the Leeds General Infirmary's Assisted Conception Clinic is just one example of how human error occurs in putting the "wrong" sperm into the "wrong" egg. "The legal aspects of this case are still to be finalised, but the human suffering by both couples and their families must be considerable. The comments by the Leeds hospital and the watchdog, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, acknowledge the harm that has been done, but say that such 'mix-ups' are 'extremely rare'. However, following the Leeds case, the supervision of the IVF procedures has been tightened up, indicating that the procedures were faulty. "Once again the manufacture of human beings in laboratories has brought anguish, rather than joy. A child should be loved unconditionally by his or her parents. Under normal conditions parents accept the gift of their children regardless of perfection or imperfection."

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