Cardinal interviewed on Newsnight

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on BBC2's Newsnight last night. During the course of the television programme the Cardinal apologised again for his mistakes over the Michael Hill, and expressed his deep concern for abuse victims. He said: "We have not had, in the past, sufficient compassion for those who have been abused." But he added the Church now understood the issue much more thoroughly and had introduced guidelines for handling allegations of abuse following recommendations by Lord Nolan. The Nolan report - issued early last year - was commissioned by the Cardinal himself. The Cardinal said he could do more to help the Church address the issue by remaining in post than by resigning. "My job now is to help, with my fellow bishops, implement Nolan so we have a climate for child protection in the whole in the Catholic Church in England and Wales," he said. To see the full interview, click on:

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