Irish priest launches Christian road safety campaign

 A new approach to road safety was launched by a Catholic priest in Drogheda, in the Republic of Ireland on Saturday. Fr Robert McCabe, a priest of the Diocese of Meath, said he hopes to add a Christian dimension to road safety initiatives, with a poster displaying the message: 'Road Safety is a Christian Value''. The central slogan of the poster-campaign is based on St Matthew's Gospel 'Love God...Love your neighbour...Don't meet them both by accident!' Posters have already been circulated to parishes all around the country. A number of resources for Christmas and the New Year have also been offered to those publishing weekly community and parish bulletins. Since 1991, statistics released by the Irish National Safety Council show that over 400 roads-users in Ireland have been killed and 10,000 people have been injured each year. Fr McCabe says the Christian vision of the sanctity of human life should be actively extended to the area of traffic and road use. The initiative has been endorsed by religious leaders, Irish police services and the National Safety Council and funded by the government roads authority. For further information and copies of the poster, contact Fr Robert McCabe at Gormanston Military Camp, tel 01-8413990 or 087-2247480 source: Irish Catholic Communications Office

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