British Muslims protest over BBC documentary on Our Lady

 British Muslims have joined Christians in expressing their grave concerns over the forthcoming BBC1 documentary on Our Lady. Dr A Majid Katme, Coordinator:Islamic Concern and Spokesman for the Islamic Medical Association sent ICN the following statement last night. British Muslims and Christian believers are shocked and angry and very concerned to know that the BBC1 is planning to screen a programme on the Virgin Mary on Sunday 22 December at, which questions the cause of her pregnancy with our beloved Jesus (peace be upon him) - claiming it could have been caused by rape by a Roman soldier; another man; or Joseph. This is blasphemous to the two million British Muslims and to the 1400 million Muslims in the world! All Muslims of the world believe that the Virgin Mary was chaste and virgin when she became pregnant with her beloved son, Jesus. It was the Order of our God, the Creator of all, who has got all power and is able to do anything and all miracles in life, to arrange this miraculous conception of our beloved : Jesus. After all - He created Adam from the sand/mud and He created Eve from Adam. In the last Holy Book AL QUR'AN, there is a whole chapter titled: Mary (Chapter 19) and her pure chaste life and the conception and the life and the miracles of Jesus have been mentioned in twelve chapters. "In the name of God, the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful Her Lord graciously accepted her (Mary) and made her grow in purity and beauty" AL QUR'AN:Chapter 3,verse 37. "She said: How shall I have a son while no man has touched me and I am not unchaste" AL QUR'AN:Chapter 19,verse 20 "She said: O my Lord how shall I have a child while no man has touched me". He replied: Such is the will of God. he creates what he wills. When he decrees a thing he only says: be and it is" AL QUR'AN:Chapter 3,verse 47 "And Mary, the daughter of Imran (Hanna/Anna) who guarded her chastity and we breathed into her (body) of our spirit and she testified to the truth of her Lord and his scripture. she was one of the devout" AL QUR'AN: Chapter 66, verse 12 "Remember when the Angels said: O Mary God has chosen you and purified and chosen you above all the women of all nations " AL QUR'AN: Chapter 3, verse 42. Not only that but the final prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has said: "The leader of all women of the world is Mary, the daughter of Imran (Hanna/Anna)" All Muslims of the world believe strongly and beyond any doubt, that our Almighty God Himself,has arranged her miraculous conception and the miraculous conception of Jesus, by His will and order,without any man touching her. It is very irresponsible and inconsiderate at the season of remembering Jesus (peace be upon him) and his mother Mary and his miraculous conception, to put on this blasphemous programme which will inflame and upset all Muslim and Christian believers! We call on all Muslims and Christian believers to make all efforts to stop the broadcasting of this evil programme by telephoning the BBC on 08700100222 or e-mailing:

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