100,000 UK children are homeless this Christmas

 One third of children in the UK are living below the poverty line - that was the stark information delivered by Dr Jim Richards, director of the Catholic Children's Society, Westminster, in his Christmas message today. "Moreover, 100,000 children were homeless in 2001, a further 300,000 live in overcrowded conditions and the increase in homelessness continues to rise (by 9% in 2002)," he said. Thanking the society's supporters, and wishing them all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year, Mr Richards said: " You have been instrumental in making it possible for us to help some 3,000 children and families this year. Particularly at Christmas, you have made it possible, by your gifts of food and presents, for us to reach out to many families who otherwise would have had virtually nothing. "The relevance of the Christmas story, with a poor homeless family seeking shelter, is as strong today as it was 2000 years ago." For more information visit: www.cathchild.org.uk

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