Westminster: Catholic and Anglican priests swap pulpits

 Fr Michael Seed, from Westminster Cathedral, will be preaching at the first service conducted by the Rev Jenny Welsh, an Anglican priest, at the International Lutheran Centre in Bloomsbury. In the meantime Jenny's husband, the Rev Philip Walsh, who is the new Anglican Vicar at St Stephen's, Rochester Row will be preaching at Westminster Cathedral. Fr Michael said: "Philip and Jenny have two children, Michael, 8, and Margaret, 10. We look forward to welcoming them to our Mass and, with Jenny, in the Hall afterwards." He added: "Less than 40 years ago, it would not have been possible for Philip and me to exchange pulpits. What has achieved this is the working of the Holy Spirit throughout the Christian world and the fulfilment of John's prophecy in today's Gospel, 'I have baptised you with water, but He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit'." Source: Westminster Cathedral website

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