North west of England: religious leaders plan major peace service

 Religious leaders in the north west of England issued a poster last night, advertising a major peace prayer service which will be held in St Peter's Cathedral, Lancaster this Sunday at 3pm. The text follows: Time is running out in Iraq and elsewhere Peace concerns all of us. At least 100 million people died in wars during the past century. Today, the omens are not good - Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Korea and these are but a few countries where there is much suffering and conflict. It would be well to take to heart the words of Christ, Prince of Peace: 'Peace I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you, A peace which the world cannot give, this is my gift to you.' Peace is God's gift and so must be treasured. The Christian Churches and other Faith Communities in the north west are committed to a search for peace and to pray and work for it. We warmly invite you all to an Ecumenical / Inter-Faith Prayer Service in St. Peter's Cathedral, Lancaster on Sunday 26 January at 3.00 pm where leaders of the various religious communities will offer prayers. Do please join us and we make a special plea to all young people in the colleges, universities, workplaces and wherever they may be - your support is vital. Yours very sincerely, Patrick O'Donoghue, Bishop of Lancaster Alan Chesters, Bishop of Blackburn Stephen Poxon, Chairman of North Methodist District Azra Butt, Muslim Praful Upadhyay, Hindu

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