Campaigners welcome 'sea-change' in attitudes to abortion

 The prolife charity, LIFE, issued a statement today welcoming a report in the Daily Mail, which predicted a 'sea-change' in attitudes to abortion taking place in the US is crossing over to the UK. LIFE Trustee Nuala Scarisbrick said: "It has always been our hope that people in the UK would gradually realise that for years they have been conned by pro-abortion propaganda. The truth is now coming out and prolife values are beginning to prevail over the so called 'pro-choice' lobby. "Everyone, from the medical establishment to ordinary men and women, is beginning to see that the abortionism of the last 35 years has been a terrible mistake. Millions of babies have lost their lives and millions of women have undergone a horrible experience. Many men, too, have been denied the chance to raise their children. "The link between abortion and breast cancer is accepted in more and more quarters of the medical profession in the face of irrefutable evidence. Increasing numbers of women are succumbing to breast cancer who have undergone previous abortions. Many women's fertility has been damaged as they find they cannot have children because of a previous abortion, and countless women have suffered the traumatic psychological after-effects of abortion known as post-abortion syndrome (PAS). "But perhaps most tellingly, in the UK, as in America, it is those women who have undergone abortion themselves that are most fervently against it. Many who have been traumatized by the experience want to prevent other women suffering in the same way. They are beginning to sue abortion doctors because they were not warned of the havoc which abortion can do to minds and bodies. The first cases in the UK are under way. "We hope that this change in attitudes leads to the provision of first-class pregnancy care for women and proper support for families in the UK. Only then will abortion become unnecessary and women will have real choice and freedom."

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