Candlelight vigil along Whitehall

 Christians of all denominations will be gathering with other peace campaigners for a candlelight vigil from 6-8 this evening along Whitehall, opposite Downing Street. The purpose of the vigil is to highlight the suffering caused to civilians by the current war. Many have already been killed or injured by bombing and shooting. Many more could become sick or die as Iraq's electricity supplies - which power hospitals, water treatment and sewage plants - are destroyed. Yesterday the MoD stated that the electricity system 'could be a military target.' There will be an exhibition of photographs of civilians caught up in the war in Iraq, taken by members of the Iraq Peace Team. People are asked to wear black if possible. The event has been organised by Voices in the Wilderness, a charity which has been campaigning for several years for the lifting of sanctions on Iraq. For more information visit their website at:

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