Cardinal Cormac appeals for prayers for Zimbabwe

 The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, today urged the people and parishioners of his diocese to find time this week to pray for peace and justice for the people of Zimbabwe. The Cardinal, who made the call following reports on the continuing tense situation in the country and a government crackdown on opposition protests, commented: "We are told that 'the prayer of the good is powerful and effective' (James 5:16) and today as we witness the ongoing crisis in Zimbabwe and the threat of further violence and intimidation this week, it is clear that the people of that great nation, perhaps more than ever, need our prayers and our support. "We should keep in mind the words of the Catholic Bishops of Zimbabwe and their call 'to re-establish an environment of peace and justice which encourages full participation of all citizens in the affairs of their nation' (Lenten Pastoral Letter, ZCBC, March 2003). "We share their hope for a Zimbabwe where truth, justice, love and freedom are enhanced, a Zimbabwe blessed by peace and where dialogue can form the basis for a genuine and peaceful transition to a new era of recovery and prosperity for that nation. "As the protests continue we pray that they remain peaceful and call on the Zimbabwe government to show dignity, restraint and respect for the people and for democracy." Source: Archbishops House

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