Westminster considers plans for developing pastoral centre

 The Diocese of Westminster has begun a process of consultation on the future development and use of the All Saints Pastoral Centre in London Colney. The review will examine options for the modernisation of facilities and look at ways of increasing the use by and involvement of Diocesan groups in the Centre's work. Commenting on the review, which commenced this week, the Diocesan Financial Secretary, Mr. John Gibbs, said: " All Saints Pastoral centre has been a resource for the people of Westminster Diocese and beyond for around 30 years now and we are at the stage where serious consideration has to be given to issues such as the modernisation of the accommodation and the day to day use of the facilities. "In recent years, although use of the SPEC centre in the grounds has been rising, the number of Diocesan groups making use of the Main House has fallen significantly and this has caused us some concern. So we are keen to hear from interested parties across the Diocese with their views and suggestions on the steps we can take to make the centre a more integral part of our pastoral mission. "Is it just a question of modernizing facilities - for example by providing en-suite rooms - or do we have to look more widely at the types of events it can and does host to see how we can tie the centre in more closely with the needs of local parishes and Diocese-wide groups? "The modernisation of All Saints would be a multi-million pound commitment and therefore we must get the decision right. There is little point having a better building if the services and facilities on offer do not enthuse the Diocese into making even greater use of the centre. "We are keen to hear from individuals and groups with their views on the role of the centre so we can put together a package which will ensure All Saints becomes a central focus for the development of the faith and ministry of the people of Westminster and beyond. "We have a resource we can and should be proud of and we hope that the people of this Diocese, the groups and societies who have an interest in the strengthening of our pastoral mission, respond with enthusiasm and inspiration to ensure the brightest future for All Saints" The Diocese has begun contacting interested groups but would ask anyone who wishes to input into the consultation process to write to: Developing All Saints Pastoral Centre, Archbishops' House, London, SW1P 1QJ

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