National Conference of Priests annual conference

 This year's National Conference of Priests takes place at Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds, from 8-12 September on the theme of: 'Forming Priesthood-Growing in the light of Christ'. The keynote speaker will be the Rt Rev Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham. Writing in the NCP's Mid Term Report (April '03), he said: "Going back to the NCP discussion paper, I was particularly taken by the third part of it about 'on-going formation'. I suppose its easy to have strong views about what should be done in the initial stages of formation of priests, especially when we're safely past that stage. In this part of the discussion our convictions imply that others should change. Its much more demanding to look at our own way of life and see what habits we ought to change and what attitudes of mind ought to be challenged in ourselves". The After Dinner speaker, on Thursday 11 September will be John Wilkins, writer, broadcaster and commentator on church affairs. He has been editor of The Tablet, since 1982.

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