Life groups welcome ban on morning-after pill in Scottish schools

 News that the Scottish health minister has blocked plans to allow the morning-after pill to be supplied in Scottish schools have been welcomed by life groups. "We're glad to see this abortifacient drug will not be working its way into Scottish classrooms. This is a major victory for pro-life groups," said Patrick Leahy, director of Student LifeNet. "Although enthusiastic supporters allege it would have lowered the number of abortions they deliberately forget to mention that the morning-after-pill is also a form of abortion because it often works after conception has taken place by destroying the embryo. "..regardless of people's opinions on abortion no-one, except some unscrupulous family planning campaigners, can believe it is ethical to deceive women into believing that this is a form of contraception when it clearly is not. "The real reason why supporters ruthlessly promote this drug is because it superficially lowers the teenage pregnancy rate. Since it works so early on, we do not know whether conception has taken place or not. " SPUC Scotland director Ian Murray said: "Scottish parents will be relieved by this news that their children's schools will be an abortion-free zone. However, we remain concerned that schoolchildren may still be offered, or even pressured into using, abortion-inducing birth control by so-called sexual health clinics and drop-in centres deliberately located near school premises. "We support the opposition of the concerned parents' group Not With My Child to the way so-called sexual health is being used by pro-abortion groups as a Trojan horse to sexualise children as young as 11. The increase in use of the morning-pill has gone hand-in-hand with a steeply rising trend of sexually-transmitted diseases. Pilot studies have reported no reduction in teenage pregnancies and registered abortions. "Parents who are concerned about abortion-inducing birth control being given without parental consent to children can contact SPUC's Child Protection Campaign."

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