Westminster: early results of All Saints consultation

 John Gibbs, Diocesan Financial Secretary, has just released details of the first stage of the consultation on the future of the All Saints Pastoral Centre at London Colney. The consultation, which produced 229 responses, including over 100 from lay groups, suggested that two-thirds of respondents wanted to see an upgrading of facilities at the centre. Other key responses included support for maintaining the current capacity of the centre and a desire to ensure a mix of facilities for a range of budgets and group types. Commenting on this stage of the consultation Mr Gibbs said: "We have had an excellent response to the first stage of our consultation on the future use and development of the All Saints Pastoral Centre at London Colney. There has been general support for the idea of modernising facilities, but also a wish to ensure a mix of room standards and types so that the centre can respond flexibly to the broadest range of groups. "At this stage there is majority support for the upgrading to en suite of around half the rooms, which will enable us to host groups of up to 50 in hotel style accommodation. However it was felt by many respondents that moving to full en suite might serve to push the facilities out of the price range of a number of organisations and thus alter the balance of activity at the site. "Our thinking at this stage, therefore, is to ensure a mix of room styles so that the centre can respond flexibly to the needs of a wider range of groups and organisations. "We are now moving on to the second phase of the consultation process, which will look in more detail at pastoral services offered at the centre. We will be circulating a second questionnaire to the parishes in the Diocese asking their views on the range of services the facility could be offering - including the ongoing formation of priests and laity in the diocese and support for youth and community groups. "The review group will be preparing a preliminary report for the Trustees of the centre by September of this year and we are keen to hear from all interested parties with their thoughts on the range and type of pastoral service the centre could and should support." Note: Responses to the Consultation can be sent to: Developing All Saints Pastoral Centre, Archbishops' House, London, SW1P 1QJ

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