London's first floating church sails into Docklands

 London's first floating church anchored in Docklands over the weekend. St Peter's, a 140ft Dutch barge, sailed into West India Dock on Friday, after a 31-hour voyage from Rotterdam. When Canary Wharf was built, planners did not include a place of worship in the development, explained Rev Gordon Warren, vicar at St Anne's Anglican church, in Three Colt Street, Limehouse. For the past four years, Christians working in the area have been holding lunchtime prayer meetings in a Weatherspoons pub, he said. "The 40,000-odd Wharf congregation has been here for years and after six years of preparation, we are going to be the area's first proper church," he said. Together with a crew of four, Rev Warren sailed the 30 year-old 180 tonne cargo barge across the Channel. St Peter's is now being converted into a floating chapel. A BBC1 documentary about the project, will be screened in September.

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