City workers flock to Mass in Quiet Garden

 Since the heatwave began, City office workers have been flocking to open air Masses in the Quiet Garden, by St Joseph's church in Bunhill Row. Dedicated 'to the memory of Basil Hume - monk and shepherd' on 16 June this year, the garden, with its shady plants, stream and seats is proving to be a haven of peace calm and relative cool. Parish priest, Fr Bruno Healy, said: "The papers are full of pictures of people paddling in the fountains in Trafalgar Square or looking exhausted as they drag themselves around the shops or wait for buses, trains and planes in this heatwave. Many of our weekday parishioners work in offices around here and have very long commutes morning and night. Celebrating Mass out of doors in their lunchbreak gives them a little bit of respite." Masses take place at is 12.05pm from Tuesday - Friday. This week on Friday, the Feast of the Assumption the lunchtime Mass will be in the church with the 6pm Mass that day in the garden - weather permitting. For more information about events at St Joseph's visit:

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