Mass for children lost through miscarriage

 A special thanksgiving Mass for all children who have died from conception to three years old takes place this Sunday, 17 August at 10am at St Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Tintagel, Cornwall. Prayers will be said for all children and their families recorded in a special Memorial Book. The Miscarriage and Infant Loss Support group was started up Myke and Miriam Rosenthal-English, who have suffered two miscarriages. Myke told ICN: "We lost our first child, Ruth due to miscarriage at 14 weeks in 1995. The professional support was awful, the spiritual not that much better. People said the wrong things or didn't want to hear that a baby which they couldn't see had died. We set up a local Catholic support group and started a memorial book for the babies and their families. In December 2001 we started an online version. We now get hundreds of families asking to be included in the book and run two online support groups.The first is for those who have suffered a loss of a child from conception to three years old. The second is for those trying to conceive using Natural Family Planning following the loss of a child. We get many emails thanking us for just acknowledging their baby was there." On 4 July the family lost their sixth child, Sabina, through miscarriage. Myke said that although their parish priest had been very supportive, there was still nowhere to turn for support in the church. Myke said: "Our church claims to be pro-life. But our actions do not follow it through to its logical conclusion. We still need to do a lot to educate everyone to the fact that the loss of a child in the womb causes as much grief and pain as losing a child who is three years old. Until we see this vital point then all our pro-life efforts are only half-hearted. "As Catholics we all should abhor abortion and defend life from conception to birth. This means acknowledging that at conception a baby is truly present." To contact Myke and Miriam e-mail: If you would like to add a name to the Memorial Book or have a loss story you would like to share, go to:

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