Campaign dissappointed at embryo custody ruling

 Following the High Court verdict today which ruled that Natalie Evans and Lorraine Hadley may not have custody of their IVF embryos, Comment On Reproductive Ethics have expressed their disappointment. Ms Evans and Ms Hadley both separated from their partners, after the IVF embryos had been created. The fathers decided they did not want to give permission for implantation of the embryos because their relationships had broken down. 'We are deeply saddened by this verdict and extend our sympathy to Natalie and Lorraine,' said Josephine Quintavalle, Director of CORE. 'It is to be hoped that they will continue their courageous legal fight in defence of their embryos, and if necessary take the case to the European Court. They must fight primarily on the issue of the right to life of the embryo, a human right which is gaining in stature across the world. Pro-life groups worldwide must rally in support of their challenge. 'It is simply not acceptable for the fathers in question to refuse to allow the implantation of these tiny human lives. The men in question gave their free consent at the time of the conception of the embryos, and should now accept the full responsibility of that decision. If the law permits them to change their mind at any time and at will, then there is absolutely no point in giving consent in the first place. 'What obviously needs addressing is the HFE Act itself, which yet again shows itself to be wearing very thin at the seams, unable to accommodate the multitude of new technologies which have come upon us over the last decade.'

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