Plymouth: prayers for peace at nuclear base

 A multi-faith service for peace took place by HMS Drake in Plymouth yesterday afternoon, followed by a candlit vigil in the evening. Organised by Trident Ploughshares, campaigners from all over Europe have been taking part in a five day protest in Plymouth against the re-fitting of nuclear submarines in the Devonport Dockyards. In February of 2002, HMS Vanguard, the first of four Trident nuclear armed submarines, arrived in the dockyards for its scheduled refit. The work will take at least eight years. Protesters plan to blockade the base today (Monday) in an effort to draw attention to the dangers of nuclear weapons. On many occasions they have succeeded in peacefully entering nuclear facilities around the country, facing arrests, fines and imprisonment. Last year two demonstrators were arrested after they climbed into the Devonport Dockyards. Plymouth peace activist Claire Devereux said: "Do the people of Plymouth know what is on their doorstep and the horrific dangers posed by this submarine refit? Not only are these weapons illegal instruments of terror, they cannot be kept secure, as was demonstrated last November."

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