Holy fools take to the high wire

 A clown will deliver a sermon in an Anglican cathedral next week, while balancing on a wire. Other clowns will act in sketches and give Bible readings during the service at St Albans Cathedral, Hertfordshire, next Sunday. The service will mark the 21st anniversary of "Holy Fools", a group of clowns, mime artists and dancers who use their skills to spread the Christian message. Canon Stephen Lake, Acting Dean of St Albans, said: "We're looking forward to welcoming the clowns and seeing how they use fun and laughter to communicate the Christian message. Sometimes we can take ourselves too seriously, so when they approached us to help celebrate their anniversary, we were happy to accept." Neil Wilkin, 'chair fool' of Holy Fools, who lives in St Albans, said: "We are inviting people to fall in love with the fun and foolishness of the clown, and to be caught up in the magic and mystery of Christ's message to the world." The clowns will take part in a Parish Eucharist at the Cathedral at 9.30am. The service will form part of a weekend of celebrations for Holy Fools. Source: Ekklesia

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