London: thieves return church haul

 Four silver Communion chalices, a Ciborium, a Monstrance and other sacred items stolen from a north London parish have been mysteriously returned. The items were found in a bag on the steps of the church of Our Lady of Hal in Camden Town. Parish priest Fr Dominic Mckenna said the theft was discovered last week as the church was being prepared for Mass. He said: "We all prayed hard for their return." The items were silver-plated and around 70 years old. One cup was decorated with stones and images of the Apostles. Fr Dominic said: "The man got quite a good haul. It looks impressive although it might not have been worth as much as it looks." He said the thieves might have difficulty selling their hoard - or, Fr Dominic said: "they may have had a conscience after all."

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