New liturgy publication for Westminster

 The Archdiocese of Westminster has launched its revamped liturgy publication, in time for Advent, for all those who prepare, organise and celebrate the different liturgies celebrated in the diocese's parishes. It replaces the liturgical magazine of the same name, Westminster Worship, which was previously only aimed at the clergy of the diocese. The new publication is a series of A4 sheets each intended for the different areas of ministry within the parish. The Advent issue, due to come through presbytery letter boxes early in November features help for the clergy, parents and children's catechists, ministers of communion, cantors and musicians, readers and liturgy preparation groups. It is hoped that all who serve the liturgy in any way, indeed all who celebrate the liturgy, will benefit from the publication. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor said: "I commend the new Westminster Worship to all those in the Archdiocese who celebrate the liturgy, both priests and people. It is my hope that it will contribute to all the faithful taking part in the liturgies we celebrate in our parishes more knowingly, actively and fruitfully. " For more information contact: John Green, editor at:

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