Southport: SVP protests at plans to close soup kitchen

 SVP members and other Christians based in Southport, are protesting at the threatened closure of their soup kitchen which provides many people with a hot meal and somewhere to meet each Saturday and Sunday lunchtime. Sefton Council have taken steps to close the centre at 75 London Street, Southport over the Christmas period, not because of any breaches of health and safety, but because of local business interests, who are on record as saying that "the poor are having a negative effect on their business interests". The council was unavailable for comment. An SVP spokesperson said: "This is a scandalous decision and I implore all to make contact in some way with Sefton Council to express their disapproval at timing of this decision." He is calling for people to write or call the council: "If significant numbers from around the country voice their concern then maybe they will reverse the decision. It will also give heart to those campaigning locally." Sefton Council can be reached at: Southport Town Hall, Lord Street, Southport, PR8 1DA Tel: 01704533133

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