Christmas message from Bishop of Portsmouth

 Wars and rumours of wars have dominated our lives in the last twelve months. This makes the present time a great moment, a wonderful time for Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ, the Prince of Peace and to share those celebrations as widely as we can. Christ is the light who insistently calls to all of us who so often are walking in darkness. The faith of Christians has to be about peace, forgiveness, welcome acceptance and love. At Christmas, Christ opens his arms wide to fill us with these gifts and we have the chance to become peacemakers, people who welcome and accept others, men and women of forgiveness and love. The coming of Christ, revisited at this time, is the cause of our joy and celebrations. My prayer is that Christians may be living signs of Christ and all He stands for. More than anything, God wants to give us His blessings. I pray that we may welcome His birthday with open hearts and that the joy and peace of Christmas may be there for all to relish and experience. I wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas. Bishop Crispian Hollis Bishop of Portsmouth

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