Campaigners alarmed after woman gives birth to grandchildren

 Prolife charities have expressed alarm at the news that a grandmother has given birth to her twin grandchildren. "This case will disturb most right-minded people" said Nuala Scarisbrick, from LIFE, "and for good reason. The welfare of these baby twins has been put last, after the wishes of the parents, the grandmother and the IVF doctor involved. "These children will suffer psychological difficulties in the future as they try to work out just who their various 'carers' are. The blurring of such vital boundaries, such as the identity of one's mother, father and immediate family, will have a profound effect on how these children view themselves and the world. Once again the IVF industry has gone too far by changing the natural order of things beyond all recognition. "LIFE knows better than most the pain that infertility can bring. But to resort to asking one's own mother to give birth to your child is a step too far and one that most people will consider repugnant. "The relationship between a grandmother and her grandchildren is very different to that of a mother and child. The grandmother has to take a step back and in this case, because she has given birth to those children, she will find this very difficult. She has carried the babies, and bonded with them like a mother. "LIFE disapproves of surrogacy and the IVF industry. This is one of the worst examples of both."

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