Kenyan seminarian dies at Mill Hill

 A 24 year-old seminarian, Huxley Frank Ochieng, was found dead at St Joseph's College on February 16, the Missionary News Service Africa reported on Friday. In a statement to CISA, the congregation's General Council said Ochieng had decided to discontinue his training some days before. On Saturday 31st January Huxley informed the Rector, Fr Mark Connolly, that he wished to leave the training programme at St Joseph's saying "he felt tired and de-energised". On February 1, the rest of the community left for an eight-day retreat in Liverpool. Ochieng indicated "that he wished to use that time in order to acquire alternative accommodation". The General Council said the Rector had assured Ochieng of their support and said they would pay for his airfare if he wished to return to Kenya. A note left on his bed suggests that he took his own life. CISA report that the Mill Hill Fathers have sent "heartfelt sympathy to Mrs Zilpher Auma Oracha, Huxley's mother, his brother and sisters, and to all who knew and loved him."

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