Westminster City Hall lit up with faith

 A huge light installation depicting religious images from several faiths was switched on at Westminster City Hall in London, last night. The projection, which can be seen from Victoria Street, will be on view from 4-8pm each evening until 5 March. It was produced by a collaboration between Ming Wong and Matthew Thomas from the Serpentine Gallery, Westminster Council's Faith Exchange and Westminster's youth clubs, and is one of a series of events celebrating religious diversity in the borough. Tomorrow evening there will be a theatrical performance by young people at the Salvation Army Regents Hall, Oxford Street, depicting key phases of human life - birth, coming of age, marriage, death and afterlife as seen from each religion's point of view. Lady Rees-Mogg, outgoing chair of the Westminster Faith Exchange said: "Westminster has one of the most diverse communities in the country and these projects endeavour to promote greater understanding and co-operation between the different faiths in the borough. In working together the young people have learnt not only more about their own religious heritage but that of others in the City. The projects have been an education for the young people involved and a real celebration of Westminster's rich cultural and religious heritage."

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