Glasgow: controversial pastor laid to rest

 One of Scotland's most controversial religious figures was laid to rest yesterday. The funeral of Pastor Jack Glass, who died of cancer last Tuesday, aged 67, took place at the Zion Baptist Church in Glasgow. More than 200 mourners joined his widow Peggy, his son and daughter Martyn and Jane and their families, for the service. Since founding the Zion Baptist Church in 1967, Pastor Glass devoted his life to leading the people of Scotland away from what he saw as the work of the Devil. In 1982 he lead a high profile campaign against Pope John Paul II's visit to Scotland. He also protested at shows by comedian Billy Connolly and Marilyn Manson concerts. The service was lead by church elder John McDermott. During his tribute, Mr McDermott said: "He was ridiculed, mocked by the nation, hated and despised but he never lost his faith... He was a lovely man and a man who knew God." His son Martyn said: "He was a man who cared for Glasgow and all he wanted was Glasgow won for Christ."

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