LIFE refutes new study on abortion-cancer link

 Pro-life charity LIFE, has issued a statement refuting Cancer Research UK and the BPAS claim that a study being in the Lancet today finally resolves the debate about whether there is a link between abortion and breast cancer. Professor Jack Scarisbrick, LIFE Chairman said: "The evidence that induced abortion is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, particularly when the pregnancy is a first one and where there is a family history of the disease, is overwhelming, despite this latest paper. 28 out of the 37 studies worldwide into the abortion/breast cancer link (ABC link) show that the procedure increases a woman's chance of contracting breast cancer later in life. "This latest paper is merely relying on studies that have been shown, time and time again, to be worthless. Professor Joel Brind of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, New York, has shown in his meta-analysis of the available literature that the ABC link does indeed exist, research that the RCOG has said is methodologically sound and cannot be disregarded." "The ABC link will not go away, and it is highly misleading of the BPAS to claim that this resolves the issue. We are not exaggerating the link as they claim; on the contrary, we are highlighting a women's health issue that is being covered up by the medical establishment. They prefer to blame women themselves for the massive increase in breast cancer rates they eat/drink too much, stay up too late anything but the truth. "Almost every study into breast cancer cites high levels of oestrogen as a big part of the answer. Never is oestrogen at such high levels as in early pregnancy when it increases by 2000% and triggers the multiplication of breast cells. If the pregnancy is artificially cut short as in induced abortion, these cells are left highly vulnerable to carcinogens. "We have not just plucked this link out of thin air. We will not allow the issue to go away. The truth will come out."

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