British Muslims preach message of peace

 The Muslim Council of Britain has written to every mosque, urging people to help in the fight against terror. Sermons will be delivered tomorrow saying terrorism has no place in Islam, while booklets for distribution will remind Muslims of their obligation to help safeguard Britain's security. "Islam categorically forbids violence and killing of innocents, let alone indulging in violence which can cause death and mayhem," the booklet states. Muslim Council spokesman Inayat Bunglawala said the decision to send the letter was made following the Madrid rail bombings on 11 March. Mr Bunglawala said: "It's also a message urging Muslims not to get downhearted - they're under massive pressure. They must be worried about recent events. "We're seeing a backlash against Muslims but Muslims must not lose heart." "A terrorist attack will not discriminate between Muslims and Christians", Mr Bunglawala said.

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