Vicar brings Simpsons into religious classes

 A Suffolk vicar is using the Simpsons in a series of religious evening classes at his church. Rev Robin Spittle,Vicar of All Saints Church in Kesgrave, says that storylines in the popular cartoon illustrate fidelity and strong family values, and will help him deliver the Christian message. Rev Spittle said: "There is good in all the main characters. Both Marge and Homer have found themselves being offered the opportunity to be unfaithful and they both turn them down. "Temptation, choices and doing what's right - you can't get much more of a Christian message than that." He added: "I like Lisa because she stands up for her principles; I like the simplicity of Homer's lifestyle; Marge is committed to her family, and Bart is full of spirit." Rev Spittle has referred to TV shows before. Recently he used the TV comedy Only Fools and Horses in his homilies.

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