Lancaster: numbers double at altar servers Mass

 On Saturday around 200 altar servers from across the Diocese of Lancaster came together in a packed Cathedral Church of St Peter's, Lancaster for their annual Mass. The number of servers who came to share in this day had doubled from last year. They were accompanied by their families and friends. The principal celebrant was the Bishop of Lancaster, Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue, who was joined on the sanctuary by 12 priests from across the diocese. Fr Billing, the Diocesan co-ordinator said: "It was truly a spectacle to look down from the sanctuary and witness such a marvellous sight, to see so many dedicated servers who faithfully give their time in service to their parish communities. We all have a responsibility to support them in their gifts and to grow in understanding of what it means to them and those whom they serve." The homily was preached by Fr Luiz Ruscillo, from Lancaster Diocese. Fr Billing said: "The superb homily today reminded us about the importance of the role that has been entrusted to our servers. When they serve at Mass our servers are not in fact serving the priest or today our Bishop but Christ. The servers were encouraged to contemplate the fact that the service they give should be reflected in their lives, not just on a Saturday evening or a Sunday but during each and every day. They were also told that they should be faithful to the masses at which they serve, and be faithful to their prayers." During the celebrations Bishop Pat presented every altar server with a cross and a prayer card to mark the occasion. The celebrations did not end there but continued on afterwards as everyone gathered together for a bite to eat and a chance for everyone to meet each other.

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