Newcastle: new window at St Mary's Cathedral

 A new stained glass window will be placed in Newcastle upon Tyne's Grade I listed St Mary's Catholic Cathedral next month. Artist Cate Watkinson is currently making the window, the first in St Mary's Cathedral for over 100 years, in memory of Private Adam Wakenshaw VC who attended the Cathedral parish school and grew up around the church. Adam Wakenshaw was killed while serving with the Durham Light Infantry in the Western Desert in 1942. He was the only member of the Forces from Tyneside to be awarded the Victoria Cross in the Second World War. Elements in the new window will be the city of Newcastle and the hard times in which Adam grew up; the desert where he fought his last battle; his regiment's motto Faithful, the cross in his sword and on his grave; and teachings and symbols of the Gospel. St Mary's, a lovely Pugin church standing in the heart of the city, has places for six more stained glass windows, three in the body of the church and three in the Blessed Sacrament chapel. These windows were damaged by bombing in the Second World War. Fr Michael Campion, the Cathedral Dean, said: "Thanks to very generous donors we now have the funding in place to create six new windows and enhance even more our beautiful church. At this stage we would welcome contact and suggestions from artists and others as to how these new windows might be planned and realised."

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