Christians called to stop BNP

 Churches' Commission for Racial Justice (CCRJ) has issued a pre-election pamphlet 'The Churches and the BNP' encouraging Christians up and down the country to vote in the elections set for 10 June, in order to keep far-right racist groups like the British National Party (BNP) from gaining further positions of power to exercise their politics of hate in the UK's Council chambers. The pamphlet can be downloaded from: Moderator of CCRJ, the Revd Myra Blyth said: "The Gospels tell us that inactivity or doing nothing is what really grieves the heart of God. The Church calls this the sin of omission. Whatever label we put on it, voter apathy is a huge misuse of power and responsibility. By voting against the BNP on 10 June we will be voting for human dignity and for the God given right of every person to live in peace and well being. These elections are an opportunity for Christians to lead the way in reversing the tide of voter apathy. Voting on 10 June is a powerful way for Christians together with others to stand against those who are trying to use the democratic system to promote hatred and legitimize racism." The pamphlet contains recent statements on extremist parties by the Catholic Church, Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Church of England. Secretary of CCRJ (a commission of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland) the Revd Arlington Trotman said: "As people of faith we must do everything possible to defeat racism and repudiate hate politics gaining a stronghold in the life of our nation. Using your vote in the 10 June local and European elections will almost certainly protect Local Councils, the Greater London Assembly and the EU from being penetrated further by the BNP and far-right extremists." "With 18 seats across the country in Councils like Burnley, Broxbourne and Thurrock, the BNP is set to field candidates in more than 200 seats on 10 June. Christians and all people of justice and peace must get to the polls in sufficient numbers and vote in order to stop Britain sliding to authoritarian politics by sanctioning racism. It is only through the active participation of the many that justice is done, and true liberation of those that are oppressed is secured. 'God is on the side of justice'." Source: CCRJ

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