Cardinal Hume's relatives visit his Quiet Garden

 The Quiet Garden in the City, dedicated to Cardinal Hume, met with the approval of his nieces and nephews when they visited it for the first time last Thursday. The Garden, created last year on a once-derelict piece of land adjoining St Joseph's, in Bunhill Row, provides a peaceful green oasis in a very built-up area and attracts many visitors each day. During the summer, weather-permitting, parish priest Fr Bruno Healey celebrates the lunchtime Mass there. More often visitors just come to rest. "If it can provide a place of peace and refreshment, then it is already serving its purpose," Fr Bruno said. After Thursday's Mass, Philip Westmacott, Catherine Hickman, Christine and William Charles and their daughters Elizabeth and Fran enjoyed an outdoor picnic in the garden's leafy bower. Praising the garden, Catherine Hickman said: "One of the marvellous things about this place, is that it draws attention to the presence of the church here. Christine Charles said: "This is such a lovely idea, especially for people in the City. If you worked here it would be a wonderful place to come and sit. Her husband William agreed, adding: "Knowing how hard the lawyers around here work - a garden like this is a real boon." Elizabeth who is currently studying English at Sussex University, said: "The garden's beautiful. It's such a relaxing place in the middle of the city." Her sister Fran said: "I'm very jealous of the office workers who can come here every day. It only needs a toad now to be perfect." For more information visit: The Garden is the first in the country to be dedicated to Cardinal Hume. A statue has also been erected in Newcastle and there is a bust of the Cardinal and his Millennium Cross at Ampleforth.

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