Archbishop Pius Ncube joins London vigil

 The Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube joined more than 100 people for the weekly vigil outside the Zimbabwean High commission this afternoon. The Archbishop is on a brief visit to Britain to meet his dispersed flock. About a quarter of the Zimbabwean population has fled the country in recent years and hundreds of thousands have come to Britain. In an address to the crowd, Pius Ncube appealed for the Zimbabwean community from all tribal backgrounds to remain united in their peaceful opposition to the current regime. He repeated his criticism of the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, the muzzling of free speech and the denial of food aid to opposition supporters and lead prayers for a free and fair election in Zimbabwe. Archbishop Ncube will be celebrating Mass and preaching at Westminster Cathedral tomorrow at 10.30am. His appointments next week include a visit to the Institute of Directors before he returns to Zimbabwe. For more information on the vigil visit:

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