Scotland: Bishop Mone of Paisley retires

 Pope John Paul II has accepted the resignation of Bishop John Mone, Bishop of Paisley, in accordance with Canon 401.1 of the Code of Canon Law, which requires that a Bishop submit his resignation when he reaches the age of 75. The Pope has appointed Archbishop Mario Conti, Archbishop of Glasgow as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese, until a new Bishop is appointed. Reacting to the announcement, Bishop Mone said: "It has been a pleasure and an honour to serve as Bishop as Paisley for over 16 years. I have been very happy in the diocese and always grateful for the support and prayers of the laity, clergy and religious. "I would ask everyone in the diocese to welcome Archbishop Conti as Apostolic Administrator. "Among other things, I look forward to returning to my work with the deaf and being involved where possible with hospital chaplaincy work. I will, however, remain resident in the diocese of Paisley which I have come to know and love. Lastly, I hope my golf handicap will also benefit from my new role!" Commenting on his new responsibility, Archbishop Conti said: "It is not often that a Metropolitan has the chance to serve so directly the people of a Suffragan Diocese of his Province. As I do so, it is with a sense of the honour it brings me and I hope the support it gives the priests religious and people of the Diocese of Paisley. "I rely on your prayers and I invite your prayers for the swift appointment of a worthy successor to Bishop John, the Bishop Emeritus who has been a dedicated shepherd in the Diocese for nearly seventeen years, throughout which time, he has demonstrated great dedication and pastoral zeal. May the Lord bless him and the People of the Diocese of Paisley!" Source: Scottish Media Office

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