London: support group for Catholics with HIV

 Catholics living with HIV have decided to hold regular meetings, following their first session, late September, at a Catholic church in Central London. The group, Positively Catholic, includes people from several ethnic communities who share the same faith and are HIV positive. A spokesperson said: "It's great that with a diversity of age, ethnic and cultural background, gender and sexual orientation, we can discover so much in common through living with HIV and valuing our faith as Catholics." A report has been produced from the inaugural meeting and this is being sent to Catholic social welfare agencies, other HIV organisations, as well as Catholic bishops and other clergy. Copies of the report, Positive Catholics, are available from CAPS. The next meeting is on Saturday, 20 November 2-5pm. For venue details e-mail:;Vincent: 07952 475615 or Janet: 0794 921 3475

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