Leaflet issued in response to trend for wearing Rosaries

 The Liturgy Office of the Bishops' Conference of England & Wales' Department for Christian Life and Worship has issued an leaflet in response to the fashion among young people for wearing Rosaries as necklaces and bracelets. The wearing of Rosary beads has become hugely popular this year - with jewellery shops reporting record sales. Fr Allen Morris, secretary of the Department for Christian Life and Worship said: "Apparently the Rosary has recently joined the Crucifix as a desirable secular fashion accessory. However, unlike the Crucifix, it is generally available only from religious suppliers rather than high street jewellers. "Some of these suppliers have expressed concern that those buying them should know something of the religious significance of the Rosary. To that end, the Liturgy Office has prepared a simple two-sided A5 sheet in order that those so minded might make them freely available, even placing one in the bag with the Rosary." Kristina Cooper, Editor of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal magazine Good News, has given many Rosaries to young people and welcomed the leaflet. She said: "I live on a council estate in South London and many teenagers there are really interested in the Rosary. When someone asks me for one I explain what it is for and ask them to show me that they have learnt the Our Father before I give them one. "If they ask for a second one, depending on the person, I ask them to tell me a good deed they have done, or teach them the Hail Mary. This fashion is a great opportunity for evangelisation. I am very pleased to hear about this leaflet. I find the Rosary is a very useful instrument for catechising people who have never been to church." To access the leaflet click on: www.catholic-ew.org.uk/faith/celebrating/rosary2.htm Source: CCS

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