Cardinal Cormac backs poverty campaign

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor has lent his support to MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY, the mass mobilization of global poverty campaigners for 2005. In a world where poverty kills 30,000 people every day, 2005 will be a year of unprecedented opportunity for rich countries to change the rules and practices of trade, cancel poor countries' debts and deliver more and better aid. MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY aims to be the most powerful coalition ever against world poverty. It calls for urgent action and is looking to Tony Blair as he hosts the G8 and holds the presidency of the EU to improve the lives of millions of poor people around the world who have to live on less than a dollar a day. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor said: "In 2005 there is an unprecedented opportunity to end the extreme poverty and suffering of millions of members of our human family. "Twenty years after Live Aid prompted huge compassion in response to thousands of people starving in Africa, the Catholic community has the chance to do something about the causes of such immense suffering. "Events in 2005 mean there is finally the chance to win debt cancellation, trade justice and a doubling of overseas aid essential steps that could lift 800 million people out of extreme poverty. "Through our actions in this important year, when the UK will be holding the presidency of the EU and the G8 group of rich countries, we have the chance to choose life in its fullness for our brothers and sisters around the world. "I invite you to join with CAFOD to ensure that 2005 is the year in which we make poverty history." Last time the UK hosted the G8 was in Birmingham in 1998 when some 70,000 people formed a human chain around the centre of the city campaigning for the cancellation of unpayable debt. This public pressure forced poverty onto the G8 agenda and brought significant debt relief for poor countries.

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