SPUC protests at demand for late abortions

 Following the new last week that the British pregnancy Advisory Service is calling for the legalisation of late abortions, the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC) have issued a statement expressing their concerns, Paul Tully, SPUC general secretary, said: "BPAS is already under investigation regarding serious allegations that they have been complicit in illegal late abortions. "For BPAS to suggest that late abortion should be more readily available is rather like someone accused of theft saying that shoplifting should be made easier. For most people (and in the eyes of the law) abortion remains a serious moral question - but not for BPAS. In law, abortions are supposed to be done only for medical reasons: BPAS has been flouting the law for many years. "Their insensitivity is all the more crass given the serious damage inflicted on many women by abortion. Both physical and psychological damage can result from abortion. It has been linked to infertility, breast cancer, sleeping disorders, and alcohol and substance abuse. BPAS seems ready to subject ever more women to these risks, disregarding the medical as well as legal drawbacks of abortion. "They could face serious criminal charges."

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